Noem pulls out all stops, and some cadavers to defend her pal Trump. But evidence missing.

By Gary Dickson, Hokum Gazette Political Writer

JEFFERSON, SD — South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has been making sure she stays in the media spotlight even though her friend and mentor, President Donald Trump has lost the 2020 presidential election to former Vice President Joseph Biden. Many media pundits as well social media commentators have been wondering what the governor plans to do now that her path to a spot in the president’s cabinet appears to be blocked. Noem, however, is still hanging her “gimmee hat” on the big jaundiced guy in Washington and his campaign to desperately hold on to his job by shouting, “Foul!”. Both Trump and his Dakota Darling, Kristi are maintaining he’s the victim of vote shuffling and switching as well as the recruitment of the Walking Dead to vote in the Keystone State and whatever Nevada is called.

According to a story in today’s Sioux Falls Argus Leader, Noem also suggested after and during Sunday’s interview on “This Week” with anchor George Stephanopoulos on ABC News that the election had serious legal concerns, adding Trump should have his day in court. 

She said there are states that still have not been called and suggested signed affidavits existed about illegal election activity in Pennsylvania and Nevada, computer glitches that flipped votes from Republican to Democrat, dead people voting in Pennsylvania and more. (Emphasis may have been suggested by Marty Jackley).

SD Governor Kristi Noem is concerned about the cadaver voters in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Alas, the wandering and lost governor of the Rushmore State was unable to provide any evidence or cadavers to back up her claims of election funny business when asked to do so by Stephanopoulos.

The Argus Leader article stated, “Noem said she didn’t know how widespread the issue may be and instead asked why the public was so scared to ‘just have a fair election and find out.’

Donald Trump pointing at his son Eric hanging from the roof of the White House by his toes.

In spite of all the snickering, if not outright guffaws from the show’s viewers as well as network studio employees, and like a dump truck blindly speeding toward the edge of a cliff in the Black Hills, Noem would not be deterred. The Argus said the governor later went on to tweet that that “no matter what the media says, the election is not over,” and urged supporters to stay up to date by texting to her campaign. 

South Dakota’s largest newspaper followed up Noem’s strange thoughts on Monday. They asked Ian Furry, the governor’s communications director if Noem was using the criticism of the election to help garner support for herself or her campaign finances. Furry did not answer.

The Argus Leader tried another question and asked Furry if Noem’s office could provide proof supporting her allegations. He told them, “I’ll let the Governor’s tweet and her interview (which outlines many of her specific election concerns) speak for themselves.”

Well now, we’ve got charges from the Galloping Guv . . . but doggone it, nothing to back her up. Furball didn’t help matters any. Of course, he seldom does as he appears to be terrified of the state’s main newspapers and television stations.

Happily, we’ve got another real zinger of a claim from Noem: “Dead people are voting in Pennsylvania!” We can add that to the increasing collections of the following Noemisms: “Meth. We’re on it!”  “Wear your positive pants.” “Forget about the pandemic and go hunt pheasants.” “Facemasks don’t work!”

And I think I’ll convert the governor’s belief that dead people are voting in Pennsylvania into something simple. How about “I see dead people!”?

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