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Surrogacy Ban Has Ranchers Twitchy

By Gary Dickson P & W Agribusiness Reporter Many of South Dakota’s livestock producers are displeased about a State House bill that would ban commercial surrogacy agents. Ranchers and farmers with livestock operations are sounding the alarm that the bill would severely limit the practice of artificial insemination of cows, horses, buffalo, sheep, goats, llamas, ostriches, and other hooved and feathered creatures in the Rushmore … Continue reading Surrogacy Ban Has Ranchers Twitchy

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SD Legislature Considers Closing Interstates 90 and 29 Most of Year

By Gary Dickson PIERRE, SD – A new bill that would close both Interstate-29 and Interstate-90 in South Dakota for 10 months a year was introduced in the state senate today. The purpose of the bill, according to sponsors, is to save the state money and enhance the economic development of those communities that the building of the interstates passed by in the 1960s and … Continue reading SD Legislature Considers Closing Interstates 90 and 29 Most of Year

Not Violin, But Volin

This last Saturday I was up for a good wander. It didn’t take much convincing to get Nancy to accompany me on a journey northwest from Dakota Dunes – to SD 50 and west through Vermillion. Then by Mechling’s six exits to Gayville where the Gayville Hall (home to the Hay Country Jamboree) is. From Gayville, which claims to be the Hay Capital of the … Continue reading Not Violin, But Volin

It’s Not As Bad As It Smells

  The other day I got asked two questions — both which are related to living in the Sioux City, Iowa area. The first question was one I commonly get from people who I’ve recently met: “What brought you to Sioux City?” A fair question. The person was making conversation and wanted to know a little bit about me. The second question came from an … Continue reading It’s Not As Bad As It Smells

The Lizard, Hungry Hogs and a Photo a Day for 8 Years

This film, co-produced and directed and written by Twin Cities photographer, filmmaker, teacher and poet Mike Hazard, provides an excellent insight into the late writer Frederick Manfred. Nicknamed Media Mike, Hazard has written, directed and produced five films that have been released nationally on PBS. His documentary on the late Senator Eugene McCarthy was awarded the D.L. Mabery Prize, Minnesota’s Oscar. Continue reading The Lizard, Hungry Hogs and a Photo a Day for 8 Years

So, What Is ‘Siouxland’ Anyway

But those who think Siouxland refers to only Sioux City would be wrong. In fact, the term wasn’t created to be a marketing tactic or definition of a school athletic region. The term was coined by writer Frederick Manfred in 1946 in his third novel, This Is The Year. Continue reading So, What Is ‘Siouxland’ Anyway