Scram! South Dakota Doesn’t Want You Here

By Gary Dickson P & W Business Editor SIOUX FALLS, SD – South Dakota wants to clarify something when it comes to having people move to our beautiful state. We really don’t want you here. We’re not kidding. Go away. We don’t want former residents who are homesick for the Rushmore State to return. Really, don’t bother. We don’t want you. Especially if you have … Continue reading Scram! South Dakota Doesn’t Want You Here

So, What Is ‘Siouxland’ Anyway

But those who think Siouxland refers to only Sioux City would be wrong. In fact, the term wasn’t created to be a marketing tactic or definition of a school athletic region. The term was coined by writer Frederick Manfred in 1946 in his third novel, This Is The Year. Continue reading So, What Is ‘Siouxland’ Anyway